Do you tremble at the thought of one more job interview? Do you know how to conduct yourself? Here is how to stand out from the crowd during your next interview.

Do practice in a mirror prior to the interview. Notice your smile and the way in which you respond to questions. Judge yourself from the perspective of the potential employer. Pass your own stringent test as you gain more confidence by observing your facial expressions, hand movements and the tone of your voice.

Don’t wear extraneous jewelry or makeup. Proper attire for a job interview does not include wearing excessive rings and bracelets or dressing as though you are a fashion model. While it is true that you need to dress up for the occasion, too much of a good thing is not the way to obtain your dream job.

Do shake the prospective employer’s hand firmly. Practice shaking hands with your best friend prior to the interview. Develop a firm, three-second handshake. Prevent sweaty palms by taking a few deep breaths right before your interview. Make the first few seconds count.

Don’t slump. Prior to the interview, practice maintaining a proper sitting posture. Slouching helps you stand out from the crowd in the wrong way. You want the employer to remember you as a person who sits up straight and radiates an air of self-esteem.

Do project a strong sense of self-confidence. Speak intelligently with reference to your experience and qualifications without exaggerating your talents. If the potential employer thinks you are overqualified, you may as well kiss the job goodbye.

Don’t wave your hands in different directions. Waving your hands makes you look nervous and agitated. Instead, fold your hands neatly in your lap. Folded hands help you to maintain your composure.

Do glance at wall paintings and other decorations. Make an intelligent comment about a trophy or special award you notice, but keep your remark brief and to the point. An intelligent statement regarding your unique observation serves to trigger the future memory of the prospective employer.

Don’t talk about trivial or personal matters. Never converse about insignificant details in relation to your personal life or viewpoints. The employer does not have time to listen to your opinions about the merits of a vegetarian diet or your favored political candidate. Stick to answering the questions without volunteering additional information.

Do shake the employer’s hand prior to leaving the office. Smile, and look the employer directly in the eyes. Make a comment that indicates your willingness to make a commitment to the job. Enlighten the employer about your sincere interest in working for the company. Inform the employer that you are determined to do your best job if you receive an offer. Make it clear that the particular job meets your aspirations.

Lastly, do write and mail a personal thank you note within 24 hours after your interview. Thank the employer for the job interview and for the opportunity to learn more about the company. Avoid sending an email. A personal note in your own handwriting speaks volumes.

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