What is the correct length of cable?

The length of your cable is very important especially with high-performance antennas. we recommend an 18-foot cable the optimal length for making sure you get the best match you can with your CB system although other lengths of cable will work we have found 18-foot to be the best if 18 feet is longer than you need

we still recommend using it but suggest that you do not roll up the excess into a small coil that becomes a radiofrequency choke it can hurt your tuning and performance your best bet is to lay it on a loop of 12 to 16 inches drape it across the dash or place it in the overhead console you.

What is the highest quality of cable?

The highest quality CB cable a consumer can use for their CB setup is one of the accessories most CB users overlook. it determines how much of the signal actually reaches the radio from the antenna well many consumers will buy a nice radio and a high-performance antenna. if you don’t use a good quality cable you may be sacrificing performance and not getting the most out of your CB system. we recommend a cable with a 95% shield or higher and an RG 8 X coax for single antenna systems for dual antenna systems. we recommend the rg59 u cable the Wilson K 40 and estatic brands all offer cables that fit this criteria and can be found in most travel centers.

What does a SWR meter do?

An SWR meter measures the standing wave ratio and a transmission line the meter can be used to indicate the degree of mismatch between a transmission line and its load or to evaluate the effectiveness of impedance matching efforts using an SWR meter will assure you that you have the best tuning match between your radio and the antenna system the estatic brand offers a line of consumer friendly SWR test meters we recommend the esthetic 302 PDC 2 meter available in most travel centers.

What does Antenna Power Rating represent?

Antenna power rating is the maximum power output usually expressed in watts in other words. it is the amount of Watts the antenna will take without hurting its performance typical values for power rating antennas are between 100 and 500 watts Wilson and k40 brands specialize in high-power high performance antennas. I know the leading antennas in the Seabee market they use a heavier gauge and a silver plated copper wire in the coiled portion of the antenna which allows them to handle more power and makes them efficient and easy to tune the Wilson trucker T mm antenna is the number one trucker antenna on the market and are available in most travel centers.

What are the components that make up a CB radio system?

The five components that make up a CB system are the CB radio microphone antenna cable and antenna mount all of these components work together to make a complete CB system and there are many choices of products for each component in most cases a consumer specific needs will dictate what type of radio our antenna is needed the Wilson k40 Road King and a static cater to the CB professional but also offer product for the CB enthusiast.

What does a noise-canceling microphone do?

A noise canceling CB microphone is designed to filter ambient noise away from the desired sound which is especially useful in noisy environments most truck drivers used and prefer noise cancelling mic because it will drown out background noise that could come from the engine wind radio brakes and other environments there are many noise cancelling microphones on the market but the road King and esthetic mics lead the way in this product group both brands offer multiple styles and have been the benchmark for quality with this type of mic for over 45 years.

How do I know if my antenna is compatible with a specific mount?

Nearly all antennas utilize a standard 3/8 by 24 connecting thread which is supported by 99% of the available antenna mounts despite this near universal compatibility it is important to make sure your mount will be sturdy enough to support your antenna though a small roof magnet mount would be well suited for a short 2 foot fiberglass antenna it would be a poor choice for a heavy Center loaded 5 foot antenna as momentum of the antenna during driving would most likely close the magnet mouth to come off when choosing a mount it’s important to consider the stress and antenna will cause.

Why is antenna tuning important?

You may have never heard of the tuning process or perhaps you’ve installed antennas without tuning them while antenna tuning isn’t required to operate your CB system there are a number of important reasons why you should always tune in antenna the first is to make sure you get the best performance out of your CB second tuning protects your radio as an untuned antenna has the potential to permanently damage the components of your CB and untuned antenna can reflect your transmission signal and not work properly if an antenna is properly tuned it will always work more efficiently

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