If you love shows about ghosts and the paranormal, there are dozens of ghost hunting shows on television today. Ghost hunting has become an overnight sensation since the premier of Ghost Hunters in 2004, keeping us on the edge of our seats as they hunt for ghosts and signs of the paranormal with high tech gadgets. Here are the top 7 ghost hunting shows on television today.

Ghost Hunters – SyFy Channel

Ghost Hunters is fronted by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson and began back in 2004. They were full time plumbers for Roto-Rooter when they began their debut on the SyFy Channel, and now front a crew of very talented ghost hunters called T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society). The crew is very professional, always looking for logical explanations before saying a place is haunted. The shows tries to debunk all claims of the paranormal first, perhaps that’s why it’s so popular. Regardless, they have caught everything from full bodied apparitions, flashlights turning themselves on and off at command, to disembodied voices and chairs moving on their own on video for all viewers to see. Theatrics are a kept to a minimum, giving the show a down-to-earth feel that has made it the number one show on SyFy channel for past two years.

Ghost Adventures – Travel Channel

Ghost Adventures is fronted by Zak Bagans, his friend Nick Groff along with equipment tech Aaron Goodwin. The guys are locked into a haunted location overnight, and left to research the paranormal alone with no camera or sound crew. They investigate some of the most haunted, scary, notorious places around the globe while the three carry cameras throughout the night. This show has a knock down drag out feel to it, as the guys fight, curse and sometimes do battle with the ghosts they encounter. Ghost Adventures differs from many of the other ghost hunting shows because you see the encounters in real time as they do, unlike Ghost Hunters where they show many of the best experiences for the reveal at the last 10 minutes of the show.

Paranormal State A&E Channel

Ryan Buell and a group of his fellow Penn State college students, formed the Paranormal Research Society at Penn State University. This show has a very personal feel to it as the group mostly helps families experiencing possessions. The show has a real dark feel to it as Ryan tries to not only rid the home of spirits and dark forces, but his crew will even invite specialists in to perform a séance or even a priest to do an exorcism. This team really focusing on healing the families it visits.

Destination Truth SyFy Channel

Josh Gates leads Destination Truth, a group of fellow investigators and camera crew to various locations around the world trying to discover the truth about many of today’s paranormal encounters. His begins each show by interviewing eyewitnesses and gathering and reviewing evidence from locals. Then the team sets up a base camp and begins the investigation attempting to capture the evidence first hand. Most cases often rely heavily on the investigation of strange sounds and thermal camera heat-signatures. Gates’ team members split up into two or more groups to survey an area, keeping in contact with walkie-talkies and relaying findings to a base camp. The crew gathers physical evidence and takes it back to base camp in the United States to be analyzed. This shows primary goal is to find the truth, whether the investigation leads to a hoax, or something unexplained.

Othersiders  Cartoon Network

The Othersiders has a much different feel to it that the traditional ghost hunting shows because the show is for kids. On this show a new group of kids are trained and fully equipped with the some of the best scientific ghost hunting equipment, then they go to the most terrifying and haunted places in the country. A different group of kids are conducting real paranormal investigations in real haunted locations each show.

Celebrity Ghost Stories Biography Channel

Celebrities like Sammy Hagar, Belinda Carlisle and Joan Rivers share their real-life personal encounters with the paranormal in this one-hour special Celebrity Ghost Stories. This show covers everything from ghosts and angry spirits to haunted homes. Each episode is about a famous celebrity and they give a first person narratives which delivers a brand new way of experiencing the chills of the of the paranormal.

Most Haunted The Travel Channel

Most Haunted is a paranormal investigation series from our friends across the pond. This British series stars Yvette Fielding and a revolving team of psychics and parapsychologists. Unlike the other popular ghost hunting shows, Most Haunted employs psychics and mediums in their investigations. The shows main focus is contacting the spirits, rather than trying to debunk claims of the paranormal.

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