When the original iPad made its debut, it entered a playing field that was relatively empty. In the two years since then, however, the competition has gotten a lot fiercer. These days, many mobile carriers offer tablets of their own. Some of them are fairly robust, but the iPad continues to be the gold standard. With the third iPad, Apple has once again shown the world what a tablet can do. Its crisp retina display, blazing-fast 4G LTE connection and extensive array of features make it an absolute joy. Learn more about the best perks of this first-rate device below.

Retina Display

The third iPad now has the gorgeous retina display that was previously only available on the iPhone 4. If you own or have used the original iPad or iPad 2, you will be able to notice the difference immediately. It’s not that those previous displays were blurry or low in quality; they simply can’t stack up to the amazing retina display on the third iPad.


It’s well worth it to splurge on the 4G iPad 3. You will still be able to connect to Wi-Fi when needed, so you should be able to keep your usage in check. When compared with the previous generations’ 3G connections, the third iPad flies along at an incredible rate of speed. From watching Netflix movies to downloading data, the third iPad is a definite workhorse.

Additional Features

The third iPad is loaded with a dizzying array of features. Naturally, many of them are the same as the ones that were available on previous generations of the device. Some have been tweaked or improved. Like the iPad 2, the third iPad has front-and-back cameras that take photos and videos. HD video is now supported and works like a charm. A new dictation button has been added to the touchscreen keyboard, and it is quite sophisticated. You will have a blast taking photos, shooting videos, browsing the Internet and doing countless other things on this incredible device.

The biggest drawback to the third iPad is its price. It isn’t cheap. However, it’s one investment that you’re sure to find is well worth it. If you will be out and about with yours a lot, or if small children will have access to it, you might want to opt for the Apple Care warranty, which is available for the iPad for the first time. In any event, you are sure to be thrilled with this amazing device.

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