Technology and Business: Two Peas in a Pod

Technology is a business component that cannot be ignored in today’s modern world. There are several ways a business owner can integrate technology into the business such as creating and maintaining social media profiles and implementing an online system. However, a technological advancement than many business have not yet taken advantage of is a mobile […]

Selling the benefits of a product through a unique product description

If you have ever worked retail in a brick-and-mortar store, you know all about the importance of interacting with customers. You need to know when a customer is receptive to talking about various products, and you need to know when to give him some space. The beautiful thing about an online store is that you […]

coin counting machines

Coin Counting Machines: Different Types Explained for You

Keeping count of your money is important but counting money by hand can be cumbersome and prone to mistakes. Coin counting machines are an absolute necessity for people that fill coin wrappers or simply count the total dollar value of a group of coins by hand. Fee-based coin counting machines are showing up in supermarkets […]


The Top 7 Best Paranormal and Ghost Hunting Shows on Television

If you love shows about ghosts and the paranormal, there are dozens of ghost hunting shows on television today. Ghost hunting has become an overnight sensation since the premier of Ghost Hunters in 2004, keeping us on the edge of our seats as they hunt for ghosts and signs of the paranormal with high tech […]


Supranationalism and the European Union

Throughout history, the European realm has undergone many changes in political structure. From the rise and fall of the Roman Empire to its present-day globalized environment, there have certainly been challenges that have stood in the way of this latest evolution. Many fail to realize that Europe is once again in the process of undergoing […]

How To Pay Virtually No Tax By Moving To Puerto Rico

If you want your own piece of paradise, mixed with a good amount of tax breaks, and are willing to tolerate a little bit of risk, Puerto Rico could be just the spot for you. The Island of Enchantment ­ or “La Isla del Encanto” as it is known in Spanish ­ is Puerto Rico’s […]