Easiest and best ways to get your car financed

The subject of car finance comprises the different financial products which allows someone to acquire a car, says Wikipedia. Everybody enjoys the convenience of a car whether it is for business or for personal use. The pain may be on how to access the finance to acquire it. You probably would be looking for the easiest way to get your car financed. The lack of finance to acquire a new car in Brisbane should not worry because there are options to get car finance easily and quickly.


With such a great deal of options, deciding on which particular financing option can also be difficult. We are going to help you get through the maze that is car financing in order to help you choose the best one there is in entire Brisbane. We will look at a few of the best car dealers and sources of financing. We will also interrogate what you should look for and what it is that they offer.

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Ways to get your car financed:

Bank-dealer partnership

Some car dealers have a partnership with banks for car Finance Brisbane. This is always prearranged so that both sides benefit i.e. the bank gets to give you a loan while the dealership can sell you the car. In some instances, the dealership is going to make a killing because it is the one that is selling the car. This may come at an extra cost for you the buyer. In this case therefore when getting into such a tri-partite arrangement, it is important to go with a bank that you already hold an account in and have a good credit history with them. In that case, you have the bargaining power and can agree on how to stagger your repayment.


Paleso claims to be the best in providing car finance in Brisbane. It specialises in researching and placing car loans with various lenders that match the buyer’s needs best. With partnerships with Astute Motor Finance, Australian Motor Credit, Golden Loans and GFC Funding, Paleso has financed over 15,000 car loans since it opened shop in 2001. Due to the volumes they sell, they have special rates with the financiers and this may be of interest to you as a buyer.

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Bank car loan

If your bank is not participating in a partnership with a car dealer, you can then approach your bank for a car loan. There are many banks that offer car finance in Brisbane and will offer their clients a loan as fast as possible with agreed repayment periods. This also depends on your credit history. The advantage of this is that most banks give a high percentage of the car loan sometimes even 100% of the cost of the car. You then start servicing your loan with the bank while they keep the logbook. Once you are done paying you can then have your logbook back.


An example of a bank that offers car loans in Brisbane is the NAB Bank. At NAB, you can get your car loan the same day that you apply for it. At some instances, their car loans can be ready within two hours. You can also choose flexible repayment options to suit your budget options. In this case, you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your preference. To access a loan at NAB, you do not have to necessarily walk into their banking hall. You can send in your application documents through internet banking to save on time. NAB offers fixed and variable interest rates on car loans from 14.69% to 15.85% per annum.

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Hire purchase

Hire purchase terms with a car dealer are one of the most popular financing deals that a car buyer can get into. In this arrangement, you get to pay a down payment on the car and then have the car. You then make monthly payments until you finish paying it off and then you can have your log book. In this case, the bank is not involved but is rather a partnership between yourself and the car dealer.

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